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The lined sea anemone, Edwarsiella lineata, is a recently evolved parasite that is a particularly good model for investigating the developmental evolution of a derived life cycle. The larva of E. lineata parasitizes the pelagic ctenophore, Mnemiopsis leidyi. When situated in the host, E. lineata assumes a novel vermiform body plan and feeds upon the ctenophore's gut contents. When ready to exit the host, or upon death of the host, the parasite morphs from a worm into a planula larva. The planulae are active swimmers, and can follow one of two developmental trajectories, depending on the environment: if presented with a novel host, they can re-assume a parasitic life style; however, in the absence of a second host, they can develop into an adult polyp. The polyps live in dense aggregates on the seafloor or on other available hard substrates. Importantly, the parasite is easily collected in infected ctenophores, and it can be maintained indefinitely in the lab as an adult polyp or for several months as a parasite inside a ctenophore host. The internal and external anatomy of the derived parasitic body plan is radically distinct from the planula larva or the adult polyp. The derived developmental trajectory that leads from the planula to the vermiform parasite can be compared directly to the ancestral developmental pathway that leads from the planula to the polyp. Additionally, the ontogeny of E. lineata may be compared to a very closely related free-living outgroup: the starlet sea anemone, Nematostella vectensis, which is a leading cnidarian model system for development and genomics.

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