PocilloporaBase: Pocillopora Transcriptomics Database

Download the Pocillopora files

Contigs created by MIRA3 of the Raw Reads from 454 pyrosequencing of Pocillopora used to create transcriptome. Collected by Nikki Traylor-Knowles in 2009.
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   Zipped Version(19Mb)

Raw Reads used to assemble contigs from Nikki Traylor-Knowles (2010) are available in an unzipped format upon request email CnidTeam@gmail.com (487Mb)
   Zipped Version of Raw Reads(146Mb)

Longest Six-Frame-Translation of Contig Nucleotides to Protein Sequences used in our Database's blast page.
   Zipped Version(6.1Mb)