StellaBase: Nematostella vectensis Genomics and Transcriptomics Database

StellaBase Sequence Based Search

This page will query the database based upon the Contig ID number, Protein Accession, Nucleotide Acession, or Taxon ID.

It will return the Contig ID, Protein information, mRNA information, and Species of orgin sorted by E-Value obtained by the BLASTX previously performed.
If you choose to search by using a 'StellaBase ID' number corresponding to a predicted gene of interest. The Genscan output of this predicted gene will be returned to you, as will results of a blast of this gene against the PFAM database and the nucleotide and peptide sequences. If you do not the know the StellaBase ID of the gene in which you are interested, we recommend beginning your search with StellaBLAST or a Gene Family search to identify genes of interest.

1. Please Choose:

  • Enter a name assigned by BLAST2GO or found in the protein hits (e.g.: 'Wnt')
  • Enter a name of a protein in NR found in the protein hits (e.g.: 'SMAD') (Please note that this option searches all of the top BLAST hits and can take some time to run. Please be patient.)
  • Enter a Contig ID Number (e.g.: 'Nv.T1.19420.1')
  • Enter a Protein Accession (e.g.: XP_003210201.1)
  • Enter a Taxon ID Number (e.g.: 37003)
  • Enter a StellaBase Gene ID Number (e.g.: '234')

2. Please Choose an e-value threshold:

3. Filter by Taxon (OPTIONAL. Taxon ID or name fragment acceptable):

4. Submit Your Query (Please only click once and be patient, results can take some time load):

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