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As of 02/01/07, ~16,000 Nematostella EST transcsripts have bene published in the NCBI dbEST database. We have used TIGR's clustering software (tgicl) and Dave Edward's AutoSNP SNP identification software to assmeble these EST's and identify SNPs. Our search criteria are permissive and allow for the identification of any potential SNPs, including polymorphisms identified between as few as 2 sequences. Use this search engine to identify potential SNPs which match your permissiveness thresholds.
Note that you can also browse all contigs with SNPs and blast the EST contig database.

A tool to download individual assembled EST contigs is also available.

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3. Minimum Redundancy = the number of polymorphic bases at a base position. For example, assume that there are 10 distinct ESTs for GeneX. Assume that either a C, T, or G may be found at position n of GeneX. If C is found at position x in 8 ESTs, and T and G are each found at position x in 1 EST then the Miminum Redunancy is 3.

4. Select only those cDNAs which have at least this number of SNPs which match my redundancy threshold.

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